Wednesday, January 05, 2005


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Some techniques for teaching English
Sometimes the teaching of the English language loses its primary goals. Even after years of teaching English, learners do not have the confidence to use the language in and outside the classroom. Their output in the language is limited to write, read, answer some questions and follow some grammar structures accurately. The use of everyday communication involves ideas, feelings, emotions, thoughts and adaptability. The work in the English class hardly gives the learners an opportunity to use the language naturally and develop fluency. The most difficult part is to achieve the main purpose of the course because unfortunately, developing these skills in real communication is neglected by most of the learners.


Language Acquisition in ELT.

Language Acquisition in ELT studies the way people acquire the language. It is and has always been a very controversial topic. The language is the way humans can express and transmit ideas and thoughts to others. All languages have an order and a grammar structure that people can follow while speaking but in everyday use of language, people tend to use informal and sometimes vulgar language. The way children acquired the language have to do with the environment that surrounded their in the learning process.


Prof. Tatiana Bolaños Loría

Professor Tatiana Bolaños Loría is currently enrolled in the Master's Degree Program in English Language Teaching at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica in San José. Tatiana holds B.A in ELT from the same university. She is now working for the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica in Alajuela, teaching seventh graders. You can contact her at

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